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Bel Air staff members are always here to help. If you are visiting please make sure to sign in and greet our lovely office staff members. Or call ahead of time to make appointments. They will help you with your needs.

(925) 458-2606.  


If you would like to call teachers directly please call (925) 682-8000 and dial their extension. 



To report an absence please call (925) 458-2606 or E-mail belairoffice

Please have ready the students name, teachers name, dates of absences and reason and name of the person calling.

Office Staff

Farris, Liz ex.84602 Office Manager (Bilingual)
Iyer, Sankaran Instructional Program Specialist (Bilingual)
Klinkner, Nancy ex.84600 Principal

Bel Air Staff

Burns, Mrs. ex.84641 3rd Grade Teacher
Busker, Ms. ex.84637 1st Grade Teacher
Campos, Mrs. ex.84627 5th Grade Teacher
Carder, Ms. ex.84629 4th Grade Teacher
King, Ms. ex.84608 Kinder Bilingual Teacher
Merletti, Ms. ex.84642 3rd Grade Teacher
Pho, Mrs. ex.84633 Kindergarten Teacher
Ramsey, Mrs. ex.84605 2nd Grade Teacher
Reyes, Paola 2nd Grade Bilingual Teacher
Smith, Ms. ex.84622 Kindergarten Teacher
Trexler, Ms. ex.84644 Resource Specialist (bilingual)
Wheeler, Ms. ex.84605 Title I Teacher